Kohl's Restructuring

My contribution of 5 of 8 new lines of products for a complete restructuring of the Kohl's Department Store.

To make Kohl's a more approachable destination, our first obstacle was to rebrand the store. With a lighter color palette and new lowercase type, the store takes on a friendlier and younger image.


Choice Man provides the kohl’s house brand with a line of men’s products that fit into their already well established beauty department. Because of the overwhelming amount of female centered products in kohl’s, extending the market to incorporate men will generate a growing new population of consumers. Choice Man contains products ranging from shower and grooming, to electronics, business and home accessories.


Choice Kitchen provides modern and simple kitchen appliances and cookware for young families and apartment dwellers. For those who are still in transition, or just bought their first home for their new family, this line of products fills the gap between college kitchenwares and mature table settings for seasoned home owners.

Max’s Il Boccone introduces food, for the first time, to Kohl’s. As a branch under Max’s Gourmet Foods it focuses on non perishable food items that includes everything Italian.

Max’s Hometown is a division of Max’s Gourmet Foods and provides a series of non perishable shelf goods that are 100% Organic, expanding kohl’s to a more niche grocery market. Because kohl’s began as a local grocery store, the Hometown line brings back the values kohl’s was founded on.

Alternative Apparel is a well established line of stylish basics for men and women. Pairing up exclusively with kohl’s to create a young, fresh, 100% organic line of basic t-shirts, bags, shoes, and accessories, kohl’s can tackle a young environmentally conscious audience.

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